Osman 'Ozzy' Oksuz SOC

Osman 'Ozzy' Öksüz SOC is a Steadicam®, Camera and TRINITY Operator. Having his beginnings in the camera department in Germany, he has been an active camera operator since 2009 on numerous productions worldwide, such as feature films, tv and streaming series, commercials and tv-shows. ARRI has trained and certified him as a specialist for their ARRI Trinity camera stabilization system in 2018. Osman is based in Berlin, but can be booked for productions all over the world. He is a native speaker in the german and turkish languages, as well as very fluent in English. Osman Öksüz is an active member in the Society of Camera Operators (SOC) and the German Society of Cinematographers (BVK, in the category Steadicam Operator).